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Syllables highlight sequentially with sound.

Original Interactive Audio Software for learning Hawaiian Language

Windows®CD-ROM or Macintosh®CD-ROM
ISBN 1-929317-14-X (Mac)
ISBN 1-929317-15-8 (Win)

Mac OS X Native version for Hawaiian Language available

Featuring the voice of Ka‘upena Wong

"It is hard to learn Hawaiian language... without some reference to the proper pronunciation.
Click Hawaiian Phrases is a great help. Thanks for a good product." --James H., KY
In brief:
We captured one and one-half hours of carefully recorded time with Ka´upena, then transferred his voice to computer disk, added an excellent interactive interface - just point and click to hear a word or phrase in Hawaiian Language and the English translation. More than 200 phrases of one-on-one digital audio with a recognized kumu and chanter. A "must have" for anyone with a computer who is interested in learning to speak Hawaiian... made with the beginner in mind. Available for Macintosh® or Windows®!

There is only one Click Hawaiian Phrases CD in the world and this is it!

Features of Click Hawaiian Phrases:

  • Easy to use; even for the new computer user.
  • Tailored for the beginning student.
  • Emphasizes proper Hawaiian pronunciation
  • Super-simple point-and-click interactive media interface
  • Instantaneous, unlimited replay of any word or phrase (no need to rewind!)
  • Visual cues maximize the learning process (words highlight in exact sequencing with the audio)
  • Instant translation to English and vice-versa
  • Includes an Hawaiian font for writing Hawaiian with proper pronunciation marks
  • Sixteen screens of mix and match quizzes for review
  • Search feature to find phrases with key word(s)
  • Self paced, advance at your pace. Conveniently divided into 3 learning modules.
  • Entertaining, fun for the whole family!

Any PC compatible with Windows XP,
or a Macintosh OS X

Sample phrase and sounds (animation not shown):

English Hawaiian

You can hear a whole phrase or click on individual words...
Point and click repeatedly, no need to rewind a tape.
Words highlight in sequence with the audio...

Reported in the Honolulu Advertiser, Hawai´i magazine, Aloha magazine,
Pacific Connections, on CNN, NBC and the Internet...

Used daily by teachers and students, policemen, sovereignty groups, visitor industry, advertisers, TV and radio journalists, entertainers, grandchildren to grandparents,
malihini and kama´aina alike!


($6.95 Shipping and Handling, and if in Hawai´i please add General Excise tax.)

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