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25,000 words with cross referencing, and categorical indexing
3,500 Hawaiian definitions, including Hawaiian phrases, sayings, names

The Click Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary has been one of our favorite software development projects for years... we just keep working on it. We have been working with Hawaiian language for over 20 years - bringing the Hawaiian language to computer for education, business, government, and personal use. Our latest versions are not only compatible with Macintosh OS X Tiger or Leopard, but also PC Windows XP. A must have for Hawaiian computers! Lookup common translations in Hawaiian or English! Compatible with Coconut Info's Keyboard and CI fonts for OS X. Copy from the dictionary and paste to other documents.

Very useful indexing feature: Type in a search for "plant" and bring up all Hawaiian plant entries, or "fish" and bring up all Hawaiian fish entries, or "endangered" and bring up all entries containing the word "endangered," or "hula" and bring up all entries with "hula" in a jiffy... try that with a hand-held dictionary! Also available at


Includes Hawaiian dictionary program, documentation, CI Keyboard,
and Hawaiian typeface keyed for the ´okina or macron

(Specify Mac or Windows when ordering!)

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Screen shots of the Macintosh® OS X native version

Wonderfully complimented with the Polynesian Laser Font Bundle!

Inlucudes the CI Font Keyboard for OS X for Mac users

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VISA, MC, AMEX accepted.

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