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ISBN 1-929317-08-5 (Mac) | ISBN 1-929317-09-3 (Win or PDF)
Version 5 - aro 700 pp.

In brief:
Click History Hawai‘i is a wonderful tool for educators, students, media journalists, event coordinators, trivia buffs, grandpas, tutus, hostesses, talk show hosts, know-it-alls, kamaʻāina and authors. Browse through today's history... especially Hawaiian History. When you open the Click History application it takes you to TODAY and lists all events that have occured on this day in history! Now includes THREE THOUSAND uniquely Hawaiian events. Twenty years in the making.

About Click History Hawai‘i:
CLICK HISTORY is available whether as a Mac OS stand-alone application for Tiger or Leopard that indexes several thousand events as they have occured in history, dozens of listings for each day of the year. Natural and un-natural phenomenon, political happenings, sports news, science, medicine, entertainment, trivia and more! Fast find any text or word, day, or event, in a second! Copy all events for any day for use in your own publications, print all events for a day, *save as a text file or an .html file* - all with a click of the mouse! . Royalty free license included to purchasers. Version 5 has an enhanced search feature that will gather all events that occur throughout the year that match your criteria and save them in a field for review or export!

Includes the complete HTML shell as seen here:

Author Scott Love, ZiffNet Mac, rated Click History 4 out of 5 stars way back in the 80s. Claris exhibited it in the 90s as one of the first good examples of Hypertext, and TUCOWS weaved it in over the Web with a five cow rating. Meanwhile Coconut Info has been quietly reworking the application for decades, honing it for the beauty of Mac and focusing more and more on the data part of it that has remained extraordinarily unique — Hawaiian history. Now, in 2016, we have this cool application shippping in its newest and best version. The application is compatible with all Macs. A PDF for Windows is also available.

Application Requirements
Any Macintosh with OS X, 10.4 or later, including El Capitan

Also available for Windows or Acrobat Reader (PDF format). Click here for more info!

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We update the data daily and you can too. Editable database.

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