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About Click Hawaiian Places:

In this module of the Click Hawaiian® series Hawai'i street and place names are offered to visitors, new residents, visitor industry... anyone interested in learning the proper pronunciation and definitions of Hawaiian places and streets using their computer. Clicking on the line of a places name and your speakers will sing the sound without one extra click. This complete desktop version includes definitions, and an Hawaiian font. For the mobile version click here.

No one wants to sound like a malihini from the mainland, right? Culture IS language, afterall...

Approximately one hundred-sixty place and street names located on the main island of O'ahu were chosen for their difficulty or importance and are presented along with proper Hawaiian pronunciation and definitions. The pronunciation is digital audio recorded from Hawaiian master chanter and National treasure, Ka‘upena Wong.

The seven land districts on the island of O‘ahu: Kona, Ko‘olaupoko, Ko‘olauloa, Wahiawa, Waialua, Wai‘anae, and 'Ewa are emphasized, although many of the street and place names occur on the Hawai'i Neighbor Islands also. Proper pronunciation of these place names just might be the lead to confidence in pronouncing place names on other islands.

Sample Audio Quality Click for sample of Kalaniana'ole highway! Kalaniana'ole

A complete on-screen tutorial for writing and reading the language .
The program also includes a unique alternative Hawaiian typeface (shown) with Hawaiian pronunciation markings.

Here is the audio window Mac OS X:

With the actual program you just click on a place name to hear it.

Here is a tutorial window Mac OS X:

Compatible with all MAC Native X, (Universal Binary OS X)

Also PCs with Windows NT, XP (graphic appearance somewhat different)


Includes Hawaiian language-ready demo font with ‘uina and kahakō...

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