Coconut Info -- pretty cool name; we first came up with it in 1986 and it's been our dba ever since.  Slighly ahead of our times, perhaps.

About Coconut Info, a certified developer, proudly serving Hawai‘i since 1986

About Coconut Info according to Robbie Dingeman, Honolulu Advertiser, 4/2010

Coconut Info® is a for-profit company that depends solely on its own funds generated through sales for financing. Financial support is not solicited from government, grants, endowments, or sponsors (but they are our customers). We thank our customers over the years for continuing to make our developments, especially for preserving Hawaiian culture, possible. Naturally we also thank the individuals whether interns, fellow programmers, or kupuna who have provided technical and cultural expertise and advice along our journey.

Coconut Info has been making software geared towards business and education (and fun) in Honolulu as a certified Apple® developer since 1986. In addition, during that time Coconut Info has provided consulting and programming services to hundreds of businesses, both private and corporate, including federal and state government. Over the years, Coconut Info's emphasis has been creating unique software and publications for private and public education, real estate, visitor industry advertising, performing arts, and Hawaiian culture renaissance.

In 2012, one of our iPhone Apps, the Touch Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary, was chosen as BEST HONOLULU APP by Honolulu Magazine. Coconut Info has been in several local magazines, most recently in Hawai‘i Magazine and MANA magazine in the May/June issue, 2013. Our latest new App is "Hawaiian Quiz" (4/30/2013). Like our award winning Hawaiian Dictionary embodies our works over the decades and is an excellent resource for students (and includes an educator discount).

According to the Honolulu Weekly, Hawaiian is the only growing indigenous native tongue, according to the 2000 census. Some twenty years ago only 1,500 people spoke Hawaiian and now there are an estimated 8,000 speakers, most of them under the age of 30, thanks to a surge in Hawaiian immersion education programs. Having worked closely with Hawaiian Immersion since inception, including introducing the FIRST Hawaiian font for computer licensed statewide by the Hawai'i DOE, we are pretty hopped-up about being involved with this statistic at any level. Our newest font, POHO, was created to be compatible with the popular Mac Hawaiian keyboard in May 2013.

While we're speaking of language, here is a favorite quote taken from filmmaker Werner Herzog in Encounters at the End of the World:

"It is a sign of a deeply disturbed civilization where tree-huggers and whale-huggers in their weirdness are acceptable, while no one embraces the last speakers of a language."

We also like writing and publishing. An Hawai’i best seller (nonfiction) in 2000, Sailing the Dream, was published by Coconut Info. The second printing was celebrated in February 2009. A third edition ePub for the Apple iBookstore was published in 2010 and a fourth edition for Kindle (available at Amazon) was published in July 2013. We publish to print, iBookstore, and Kindle Books, so dial us up if you have a manuscript.

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You may purchase online immediately by clicking HERE. Coconut Info software products and publications are primarily available directly from Coconut Info although once in a blue moon you may find them available from a local software dealer, or a distributor.

Consulting and Programming Services:

Coconut Info works closely with talented resources in nearly all fields requiring Macintosh or PC expertise. As a dedicated team player with three decades of programming experience we consider the effort towards quality and perfection an important one. Serious project contracts are entertained, including for web design.

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