FREE island flavor wallpapers and backgrounds for the iPhone® ... and some other cool stuff

Download to your computer and upload to your iPhone. Enjoy! (See below for futher instructions.)


With a name *like* THAT OLD it has to be good.    Snowflake Hawaiian motif


Save all our FREE wallpapers to a new folder named "iphone-wallaper". (Check back *soon* for more.)

Open iTunes® on your computer with the iPhone docked and synced

- click on iPhone under Devices - click the Photos tab and check-select "Sync photos from:"

- from the pop-up menu select "Choose folder" - navigate to the "iphone-wallpaper" folder on your computer

- You can then choose "All photos"... Apply the Sync

- Move to your iPhone.

- From your iPhone go to: Settings --> Wallpaper --> Photo Library and then choose which iPhone wallpaper you would like to set. Thats it!

- Thousands of more iPhoto Hawaiian backgrounds available from our clip art bundle.

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