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Sample images from Click Hawaiian Art Vol 2 by Coconut info. Copyright 2013. License for usage included with purchase.

Click Hawaiian Art Vol. 2

ISBN 1-929317-39-5

…it’s our 2nd volume of vector Polynesian art, created in Illustrator over decades of work. Over 80 images of more bold black and white art, available for professional, educational, and home use. Subjects include Tiki, Plants, Fish, Canoes, Hula, Surfing, Petroglyphs and more. Embedded POSTSCRIPT EPS images in PDF format ready for usage in programs such as Pages™ or Preview on the Mac®. Each image comes sized approximately 8.5 X 11 inches and easily scalable. Fully editable or colorable without restriction, in applications such as in Adobe Illustrator™ or Pixelmator.
Also available for PC via .zip download.

(Or available on CD, while supplies last.)

There is only one in the world and this is it!
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