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You can click on a word...

With Click Hawaiian Phrases you have 1.5 hours of carefully recorded time with a reknown native speaker. Coconut Info has digitally reworked this for years and programmed the content to provide an interactive interface for learning Hawaiian Phrases. Click to hear a word or phrase in Hawaiian Language or the English translation. More than 200 phrases of one-on-one digital audio with Ka‘upena Wong, the dean of Hawaiian chant.

For anyone interested in learning to speak a little Hawaiian
...made with the beginner in mind.

English translated to Hawaiian:

Features of Click Hawaiian Phrases:

• Easy to use • Emphasizes proper Hawaiian pronunciation • Simple point-and-click interactive media interface • Instantaneous, unlimited replay of any word or phrase • Visual cues (words highlight in sequence with audio) • Instant translation to English and vice-versa • Includes an Hawaiian font for writing Hawaiian with proper pronunciation marks • Includes tutorial and quizzing for review • Entertaining, fun for the whole family!

You can click on a phrase...

There is only one Click Hawaiian Phrases and this is it!

Available for Mac® OSX or Windows® XP!

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