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Reduced, sample image from Click Tide Calendar with marks for jelly fish days noted. Copyright 2011, Coconut Info LLC. License for usage included with purchase. For a real, full-page PDF sample download the current Tide Calendar PDF below.

With Click Tide Hawai‘i you order custom PDF tide calendars for any location in the Central Pacific. Order stock tide calendars for many locations through 2025. Or (for a limited time) we’ll generate tide calendars requested to a specific latitude and longitude anywhere near Hawai‘i.

Order for personal usage, or for publication/resale*

Charts can not only be viewed on screen or printed directly, they also might be saved as files in another format for placement in everything from newsletters to glossy publications. WIN Acrobat® and MAC Leopard® Preview compatible. Calendars contain the hourly tide heights, time of sunrise and sunset, and the exact phase of the moon and solstices. Tidal curves are calculated using algorithms from the National Ocean Service.

The prediction of tides is important to anyone involved in coastal ocean activities such as sailing, surfing, diving, fishing, or canoe racing... even a beach wedding!

Click here for this month’s sample: Hanauma Bay Tide Calendar

Special: Download 2 years of Hanauma Bay optimized for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Calendars look great on the iPad!

              Good for the whole family, personal usage. Whip up some awesome calendars, as they are, or incorporate into other documents. per year/ single user           

             For the serious reseller looking for unlimited, non-exclusive global rights to redistribute and modify for a profit. All we ask is you give Coconut Info credit and you're licensed! Instructions and limited support included. per year/ commercial resale    

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PDF file delivered on CD, by email, or download.

License* for royalty free usage by the buyer included with purchase. Site Licenses inquire.

(* does include merchandise for resale or business logos)

Unique Hi-Resolution PDF tide calendars for any specific location from Honolulu, to Midway, to Johnston Isle.

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