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Sample images from Click Hawaiian Art - the works of Dietrich Varez and Coconut info. Copyright 1996-2010. License for usage included with purchase.

Click Hawaiian Art Vol. 1

ISBN 1-929317-00-X

"These are fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help!"
-- SD, Arkansas, 12/13/2014

…is a volume of excellent stock art, created by hand tracing complex treasured Hawaiian block prints from decades of work by one of Hawai‘i's most respected prolific artists - Dietrich Varez of Volcano on the Big Island. Thirty MB (over 180 images) of original vector art, available for professional, educational, and home use. Subjects include Pele, Plants, Fish, Birds, Borders, Hula, Volcanoes, Canoes, Surfing, Petroglyphs, Ancient Hawaiian Life,
and much more.

One hundred and eighty professional POSTSCRIPT EPS images.
PNG, and PCX formats also supported.

There is only one in the world and this is it!

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Includes 52 page PDF manual with image indexing.

License* for royalty free usage by the buyer included with purchase. Site Licenses inquire.

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