Click Hawaiian® Phrases
Cool Mac OS X Native interface
Published by Coconut Info

also available for PC Windows® click here.


This comprehensive, unique, and inclusive Hawaiian language program includes an Hawaiian language tutorial,
12 quizzes for testing, and interactive audio by acclaimed native Hawaiian speaker
Ka'upena Wong. Strong backgound of usage by private and public schools, universities,
and home schooling.

Handy instructions and Hawaiian language tutorial all part of the application.

All 200+ Hawaiian language phrases in one handy 'click and go' index

Learn Hawaiian pronunciation.
Interactive point and click to hear an entire Hawaiian phrase or word in Hawaiian language.
Click on individual Hawaiian words repeatedly for audio feedback.
Learn how to break down long strings of Polynesian syllables
into repeatable vocalizations you can remember.

One exam, 12 quizzes, for over 200 Hawaiian Language phrases with scoring.
Interactive Audio Software for learning Hawaiian Language with Mac OS X
Featuring the voice of Ka‘upena Wong

ISBN 1-929317-31-X
(for Mac OS X)

Mac OS X
Includes Kenewa font, and CI Keyboard for OS X

Versions are also available for any PC compatible with Windows
or a Macintosh with System 7, 8, or 9>
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Upgrade from any other version of Click Hawaiian Phrases for $39.95

($5.95 Shipping and Handling, and if in Hawai´i please add general excise tax.)

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VISA, MC, and AMEX accepted.

You may send checks payable to Coconut Info, P.O. Box 75460, Honolulu, HI 96836
State of Hawai´i purchase orders accepted.

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