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Visit Touch Hawaiian Weather App for iOS
Local Clicks

Merrie Monarch Hula Festival …The week-long festival
Hawai‘i Orchestra …a celebration of Hawai‘i musicians
Matt was back! …Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra kicked off Pops season, featuring local Hawai‘i musicians
The Best App for Hawaiian Weather …for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®
Touch Hawaiian® …apps for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®
MANA MAGAZINE …Coconut Info Apps are featured in the May/June 2013 issue!
UBER Taxi App …tap the app, get a ride, bypass the taxi crap
The Pacific Rim Children's Chorus Festival …children and culture
Click Hawaiian® …software adventures in Jah-waiian colors
pink dot Kāne‘ohe Bay Tide Calendar ...every month, high resolution PDF
Got Maui… rich content
Ho‘ala Huna Foundation …Hawaiian wisdom heals modern lives
A most spectacular view of Diamond Head... aerial photograph
Hawai‘i Highway Users Alliance...quality highways
Hawaiian Fonts … download for Mac® or Windows®
Speak Hawaiian Phrases and Places …download apps for your iPhone to speak a little Hawaiian
Newt at the Royal …Panama hats, tropical sportswear, retro aloha shirts
Click Hawaiian Art …library of ancient Hawaiian art, and Vol. 2 just shipped! w00t!
KTUH …alternative Hawaiian radio
Honolulu Magazine …our city’s exquisite national publication
Paddling in Hawaii Hawai‘i Moon Phase ... right now
Laieikawai Legend The Legend of La'ieikawai ... Hawaiian rainbow goddess of Hawai'i
Hina Hawaiian Legend The Legends of Hina… the Polynesian goddess
Maui Hawaiian Legend The Legends of Māui… son of Hina, Hawaiian god who snared the sun
Pele Legend The Legend of Pele ... MP3 on the volcano goddess
Deep Hawai‘i Web Directory …over 800 distinct links
Lanikai Map Map of Lanikai… never visit Hawai'i without it
Satellite Picture Today’s bird's eye view of Hawai'i and the Central Pacific …wow
Chart of Hawaiian and Central Pacific buoys and archived data… predict the future
solar eclipse hawaii Hawaiian Solar Eclipse… with a free mp3!
Nation of Hawai'i ...united on the web
Touch Hawaiian Quiz… get ahead of the pack with this new learning app for iPhone
Touch Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary …Best Locally Made App… Honolulu Mag, Best of Honolulu v1.0.8
Global Clicks

US Debt Clock… how intriguing, just don’t frighten your children
Ground Truth Trekking …trekking through life with eyes wide open
Just look at yourself …enter your Lat/Long and sit back
Today’s world weather at a glance …flat out cool
Click History Hawai'i …today in history, especially hawaiian events!
Medscape …the excellent, FREE, medline resource
Best from the Hubble Space Telescope …please don't adjust the mirrors
Explore Mars …and never leave home!
Recipes from Bon Appétit and Gourmet ... food can be good
Time …keeps on ticking into the future
Today's Head Count Today’s Head Count …global tick perhaps? SEVEN billion, you kidding me?fishy
Sail 2 Live …a website devoted to the sailing life and the BABA …search for ISBN 1-929317-99-9
Bob Hewitt's Auto repair! …knowledge is bliss
Kayaking in Alaska …Seldovia style
Today's bird's eye view over Central and North America
LIVE weather cameras …around the world
Kelley Blue Book …what's it worth?
UPS Tracking …"may I have a tracking number please?"
Federal Express Tracking …find that package!
US Post Office Tracking ... Delivery Confirmation rocks
USPS postage rates …imagine the nerve to charge 44¢ to deliver an letter 4K miles
Reverse Phone Number look-up best thing to Caller I.D.
Word of the Day …courtesy of Meriam-Webster ...apply your tongue
Greenpeace …respect the world you live on
Banana Republic news …a pejorative term
Sailing the Dream  now available in 2013 on Kindle Sailing the Dream sailing classic available on iBooks, Kindle and Paperback
Raven and Company… follow Uncle Jim's wild and wacky vacations…

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