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This is a re-telling of stories relating to the many Hawaiian legends associated with Hina, a strong female force of creative and productive power in the physical world and a common ancestor — one of the great goddesses with mythologies throughout Polynesia. In Hawaiian mythology and chants there is reference to Hinapukui‘a — the goddess of fishermen, Hina‘opuhalako‘a who gave birth to all reef life, Hina who held dominion over the art of Kapa making, and the Hina of the moon and stars, just to name a few. 31 minutes

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The legend of Pele the Fire Goddess; a captivating narration of her exploits and adventures from birthing by Haumea (Hina) in ancient times to today, where she still exists in her home in Kilauea and the lava eruptions of Hawai‘i. A rich tale including her siblings Namaka, Hi‘iaka, Laka (the hula goddess), Kamoali‘i and several other prominent characters in Hawaiian legends and chants. Abundant Hawaiian place and object names. 22 minutes

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Exceptionally animated, this collection of Māui stories; lifting the sky, snaring the sun, fishing for islands, learning from birds how to make fire, and more, are flooded with magic. The Māui legends are full of helpful Hawaiian pronunciations perfectly spoken by native speaker Ka‘upena Wong. Māui is remembered as a mischief maker, a rascal, and yet also... a kupua (form-taker), and an all-powerful god and son of Hina. 28 minutes

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A re-telling of S. N. Hale`ole’s story "The Hawaiian Romance of Lā‘ieikawai" first published in 1863, here in an abridged version of the tale by artist and writer Dietrich Varez. Full of rich tales of Hawaiians interacting with nature and the gods of the Polynesian cosmology as could only be best told by native speaker Ka‘upena Wong. A unique retelling of ancient Hawaiian classic folklore. 40 minutes (Ho!)

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