Hina - Goddess of the Moon

ISBN 1-929317-29-8

The Legends of Hina - MP3 or Audio CD
Stories of the Ancient Hawaiian Goddess Hina

Image Credit - Dietrich Varez (c)1993

This is a re-telling of stories relating to the many Hawaiian legends associated with Hina. Adapted by Dietrich Varez recorded with native speaker and chanter Ka‘upena Wong in Honolulu, Hawai‘i, published by Coconut Info.

Hina is one of the great goddesses with mythologies throughout Polynesia. In Hawaiian mythology and chants there is reference to Hinapukui‘a gathering seafood (goddess of fishermen), Hina‘opuhalako‘a who gave birth to all reef life, Hina who held dominion over the art of Kapa making, and the Hina of the moon and stars, just to name a few.

The many Hina indistinctions add a wonderful poetic ambiguity that this story embraces; characteristic of Hawaiian language and tradition. This collection of Hina stories is intended to stimulate new interest as well as preserve the very powerful and pervasive mythology of the Hina goddess in all her forms.

The voice of a native speaker fluidly speaking the many references to Hawaiian names and legendary Hawaiian characters makes this a must have. Perhaps the first and best audio recording of the legends of Hina... preserved for generations to come. In English.

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