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Throughout Hawaiian History Hawai'i has kept an amazing continuity of hula, engaged by the islands' adherence to Hawaiian culture and dance.

This photo CD collection of over 150 royalty free images presents Hula dance and portrait images carefully selected representing the best over the years, modern to traditional (Hula 'Auana to Hula Kahiko) -- ancient wonder highlighting the cultural side of the Hawaiian people. Hula's graceful movements are layered with spiritual meaning, bringing to life the history, traditions and genealogy of the Hawaiian people. Treasure this colletion of hula images for yourself, your halau, or choose it for a truly authentic Hawaiian gift. Resolution suitable for web or small print.

Click Hawaiian Hula CD-ROM
Compatible with Mac or PC
Images include Merrie Monarch, and portraits from Nu'uanu to Volcano!

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Images are 640 X 480
Includes electronic color index (PDF)
and royalty free license for usage.

Windows® or Macintosh®
ISBN 1-929317-20-4 (Mac)
ISBN 1-929317-21-2 (Win)


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Over 150 unique hula images presented in these thumbnails. Actually size of each image is approximately 640x480 pixels.

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