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CI Classic Clip Art - Over 500 images - Check this new pricing.
"…thank you for the great classic clip art CD" -- Kent G., CA,

Classic - some individual images took days to draw with MacPaint fatbits on a Mac Plus!

Classic Clip-art, mostly Hawaiian, that was made in the shade… over 530 individual image files that represent the zen of fat bits in the new digital age… over a decade of images edited, compiled, and offered as a CD or for download. Topics range from local trademarks and landmarks to passtimes like hula and surfing. Line art or crisp digitized images of sharks, fish, flowers, birds, humpback whales, tiki, water sports, wahine, palm trees, legendary vessels, paddles, canoes, outriggers, petroglyphs, historical figures, and many general purpose images, such as holiday images, included as well. One to four bit, b/w, 72 dpi. Some 300 dpi. Simple to use bitmapped images for any application. Now every image is available in three file types including JPG, PNG, BMP. Electronic index included. Approx 80MB. ROYALTY FREE! Also available at Click Hawaiian.

Web optimized Sample Images reduced... reflecting the genre and quality of images on Ci Classic Clip Art. Many images have appeared over the years.

Dithered low-res sampler gif shows a facsimile of a few images...
Images are actually much larger and crisper
The tiki, for instance, is a full page image

CI Classic Clip Art® CD-ROM or DOWNLOAD

for WINDOWS® ISBN 1-929317-19-0
or MACINTOSH® ISBN 1-929317-18-2


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