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Clip Art that was made in the shade... over 600 jpeg image files.
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ISLAND COLOR - A wide variety of useful images created freehand, with digital and 35mm camera, turned into object art and presented on CD (while supplies last) or DOWNLOAD. For video, web, or print royalty free usage - (license for usage included with purchase). Great fun for keiki students too. Images vary in size with many in the megapixel range, 72 dpi to 300 dpi. Lots of objects with and without drop shadows. Great for web, iphone, or ipad developers. Flora, Fauna, Ocean, People… fish, flowers, birds, animals, tikis, surfers, hula, palm trees, lei, outriggers, petroglyphs, tropical clip art and more… textures, wallpaper, and desktop images included. Browser index. Includes bonus images.

There are many nostalgic and beautiful Hawaiian graphics on your disk! - Jeanne Giubbini

Island Color thumbnail facsimiles - license for usage provided to purchasing customers only.

Thumbnail samples of a few images.
Many graphic images actually are full page.


for WINDOWS® ISBN 1-929317-28-X
or MACINTOSH® ISBN 1-929317-27-1

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