The Legend of La‘ieikawai

ISBN 1-929317-07-7

Ka Wahine O Ka Li‘ula- MP3 or Audio CD
Hawaiian Goddess - The Rainbow Princess - The Woman of the Twilight

Image Credit - from the works of Dietrich Varez. Click Hawaiian® Art.

This is a re-telling of S. N. Hale‘ole’s story “The Hawaiian Romance of Lā‘ieikawai,” first published in 1863, translated in 1919 by Martha Beckwith, and adapted by Dietrich Varez and recorded with native speaker Ka`upena Wong. Published by by Coconut Info LLC in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.

The wonderful story of Lā‘ieikawai was long been out of print and unavailable to students and readers of Hawaiian myth and legend. Being a rare full length example of a ka‘ao, or story orally handed down through generations of the native Hawaiian people, it deserves to be kept alive.

With its many colorful characters, intricate plot and ethnic detail, the story of Lā‘ieikawai rivals or even outshines many of the classic folktales.

Many references to Hawaiian place names and legendary Hawaiian characters makes this a treasure. It may be the first and only audio recording of the legend of Lā‘ieikawai… now preserved for today’s and future generations to come. In English.

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