Fonts for typesetting Polynesian Language

"Thanks for being there and continuing to develop your software." -- B.E., Kula, HI

"I am thrilled to be able to type with the proper punctuation." -- B.L., Holualoa, HI

"Worked perfectly. I sent the whole book to press as a PDF." -- L.M., Honolulu, HI

"We got tired of kerning in and superscripting all the macrons.
Your fonts speed up our production and the kahakō is consistent." -- SLD, Honolulu, HI

Version 6.0
WIN XP and MAC OS X v10.2> Native Applications

(Lion or Mountian Lion preferred) when using the CI Font Keyboard for OS X

ISBN 1-9293317-04-2 (MAC)  |  ISBN 1-9293317-05-0 (WIN)


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In brief:
The original Polynesian comes complete with Coconut Info's Keyboard Software. Together they make keying Hawaiian with proper pronunciation marks easier and laser quality output to paper or film solvable, whether Macintosh® or Windows®. Coconut Info has been working with the linguistic community to produce quality Hawaiian font faces for computer for decades!

About the font(s):
Polynesian Laser Font Bundle has been enjoyed for decades by many educational institutions, designers, offset printers, and others, including ad agencies, authors, and publishing companies. The typeface, Polynesian Laser, itself took more than a year to develop, each letter painstakingly drawn and critiqued. Polynesian Laser was used for the base of text in one of the best selling children’s book in Hawai‘i, Tales of Tutu Nene and Nele.

Print quality not reflected in this screen capture.

Gif sample - (print quality not reflected)

The Polynesian Laser Font contains all Polynesian pronunciation markings.
This Font is not only suitable for Hawaiian, Tahitian, Fijian, Samoan, Maori and other Polynesian cultures, but includes diacritical marks for any language that uses the macron... such as romanized Asian and Middle Eastern, and all Indo-European languages. CI fonts are compatible with all applications. Includes manual with secrets to successfully creating Polynesian copy.

For the PC, fourteen families of Hawaiian fonts are included with both Symbol and ISO encoding enabling wide support for word processing and page layout.

Gif samples

PC Pricing
$99.99 for the Bundle on CD-ROM - TrueType fonts
for use in Windows applications several faces and styles!

MAC Pricing
$99.99 for the Bundle on CD-ROM - Type 1 PS fonts
Akelamona (4 faces), Helvekika (4 faces), and Polynesian Laser
Special Pricing, No exceptions

(Some fonts available individually for download on our Mac Download page)

Complete PDF Manual/Smart Packaging
Add $6.99 S&H and G.E. tax in Hawai‘i


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The Click Hawaiian Dictionary is compatible with Polynesian Laser Fonts!

Programming Services:
Coconut Info will workly closely with graphic designers, printers, and publishers in creating the good stuff: Polynesian works that retain Hawaiian pronunciation markings. Typefaces you own or license may be keyed to include Coconut Info's Hawaiian diacritical markings. Fonts available.

Webmasters: We also have Hawaiian Web Fonts using Dynamic or Unicode font technologies.

Proven expertise as a developer and publisher for iPhone® apps, and iPad® and ePubs on the Apple® iBookstore® with correct Hawaiian language markings. Visit

Read our informative letter in the Honolulu Advertiser about typing Hawaiian on computer!

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