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The Hawaiian Shaka - Welcome to our web site!

Read what readers have had to say about the cruising tale Sailing the Dream... ISBN 1-929317-99-9
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Image Credit: Island Color®. Click for a full CD of Island images! Striking
Color Images
of Island Life

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Click History

    Download Hawaiian Fonts

Hawaiian Language:

 Polynesian Laser® Fonts
   ·fonts for Hawaiian language
 Click Hawaiian® Dictionary
   ·translate English/Hawaiian
 Click Hawaiian Places
   ·Hawaiian place names
 Click Hawaiian Phrases
   ·learn a little Hawaiian

Hawaiian Clip Art:

 Click Hawaiian Art
   ·from the works of Dietrich Varez
 Island Color®
   ·over 600 color images of island life
 CI Classic Clip Art

Hawaiian Legends

Play a CD, Play on your iOS® device or Apple® TV
Listen to a demo…

 The Legends of Hina
   ·Hawaiian goddess of the moon
 The Legend of La`ieikawai
   ·Hawaiian rainbow princess
 The Legend of Pele
   ·Hawaiian volcano goddess
 The Legends of Maui
   ·Hawaiian demigod
 Hawaiian Legends Bundle
   ·purchase all 4 legends and save

Software made in the shade...

 Click History® Hawai'i
   ·events for every day of the year
   ·new OS X application or PDF
  Download OS X Hawaiian Fonts
   ·'okina and macrons for all applications
 Click Tide® Hawai'i
   ·tide charts for any location in the Central Pacific

Diamond Head Photo

Stunning Aerial Photograph of Diamond Head

Internet Services:

Webmaster Services with Web Hosting
Hawai'i Web Publishing
Hawai'i Secure Server & E-commerce
Hawai'i Programming
Site Promotion & Indexing
Sophisticated Site Tracking
Portable Documents in Hawaiian
Digital Imaging & Animation
Certified developer for iOS®, & MacOS®


Contract Services:

Internet site audits
Web Design, SEO, IT
iPhone iOS development, iBook publishing
Design and for Print & Pixel Production
Hard & Soft Publishing… send us your manuscript
Hawaiian Language Gear
Streaming Web Movies
Alternative Hawaiian Fonts
Custom Tide Calendars for the Central Pacific

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Mahina `Ilio hae -- Free MP3 Download from the Coconut Info Garage Band
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